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Tier5 Partnership Program - The Ultimate Software Program
You're actually losing money by not being a Tier5 Partner - The longer you wait to sign up the more money you lose. And if you wait to long, we will sell out and this offer won't be aviliable for you anymore. It is limited.  Here's a few things you get as a Tier5 Partner. 
  • Tier5 Software Pass: Get unlimited access to all current and future Tier5 Software. $1,000/month value
  • Agency Accounts: Sell Tier5 Software and keep 100% of the revenue. $25,000/month value
  • Networking: Make meaningful connections with other likeminded Tier5 Partners. You never know what just one of these connections can do for your business.  $5000/month value
  •  Training and Support: Get live 1 on 1 and group training to help you grow and scale your company. $4,997 value
  •  Tier5 CEO Access: Get direct access to the Founder and CEO of Tier5 (a software engineering firm with 36 full time employees). $9,997 value. 
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The Tier5 Partnership
(brought to you by Founder and CEO of Tier5 Jon Vaughn)
Watch this video to see if the Partnership is for you!
I'm Jon Vaughn the Founder and CEO of Tier5. In this video I will explain the concept of the Tier5 Jr Partnership!

Let's say you sell our software for just 10% of what we charge for it, it will cost you over $2,200 a month by not joining the Tier5 Partner Program
Introducing the Partnership Program.
A smart short and long term affiliate business play. 
  • Tier5 Software Pass
  • Agency Software Accounts
  • Facebook Support Group
Tier5 Partner
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What do the above terms mean?
  •  Tier5 Software Pass: Get unlimited access to all current and future Tier5 Software.  Over $1,000 /month value.  You get an account on every software we have or ever create during your Tier5 Partnership. 
  • Extra Agency Software Accounts : You get from 25  extra accounts on all Tier5 software (on our 7 current softwares). You can do whatever you like with these software accounts like give them as bonuses for your other offers or sell them at whatever price you wand and keep 100% of the revenue you generate from them.  You can sell them individually or bundel them in any way.  .$25,000 value
  • Facebook  Group: There is a private facebook support group for all partners.
You get UNLIMITED ACCESS to all of our current and future software. Here is our current software in the market.  Yes as a partner you get unlimited access to all our software. This alone is worth more than your monthly partnership fee. 
A quick overview of all current Tier5 Software
$1,000+/month Value
Agency Accounts - Start Making Money Today 
With the revenue shares you'll make passive income over time, but with the agency accounts you can start making money today. Enough money to cover you monthly cost plus more. You'll get 25 extra accounts on all Tier5 software that you can sell for whatever price you want and keep 100% of the revenue. You can use these agency accounts to start making money today. 
$25,000+/month Value
A Look At Your New Software Development Company
Powered By Engineering Lover's
Jon Vaughn and Aunkita Nandi
Tier5 is lead and managed by two brilliant engineering lovers Jon Vaughn and Aunkita Nandi (two cancers even sharing the same exact birthday). Together they have surrounded themselves with more than 20 full time genius software developers who have a humble service minded approach. With a vision to empower entrepreneurs to pursue their passions by equipping them with powerful technology so they can thrive in today's digital world. We believe in love, peace, respect, and inspiring positive change through  innovation with technology. 
Massive Networking Opportunity  -   With Current Tier5 Partners
As a Tier5 Partner you'll get to network with other highly successful people in your space. We're a tight group of people working together willing to help each other. The networking opportunity alone is worth more than your monthly partnership fees.
$5,000+/month Value
Spencer Mecham
Founder at Buildapreneur
Rachel S. Lee
2CC Award Winner
Catlin Bettridge
Badass Affiliate Marketer
Zeky Ahmed
Founder at The Affiliate Dojo
Shelly Turner
BuilderAll Diva
Joe Habscheid - MBA
Medical Marketing Expert
Kevin Steven
Partner at ExactPlus
Jeffery M. Banek
2 Time 2 Comma Club Award Winner
Lyndsay McGowan
Founder LMCG Solutions
Arne Giske
Entrepreneur - FB Groups Expert
Tyrell Wilson
Entrepreneur - Chatbot Expert
Molly Mahoney
Founder, President Prepared Performer
Collaborative Software Development
Yes,  we work together and build new amazing software's for us to use and profit from!
A Very Unique And Exclusive Oppertunity
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